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Complying with quality is one of our commitments. Through Quality Management, we guarantee compliance with the specified regulatory requirements, with regard to the Quality Management System.

Selo ISO Sustentabilidade

ISO 9001: 2015

We follow the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

ODS 13
ODS 14
ODS 15

Head5 seeks to promote a focus on sustainability, ethics, efficiency and safety for all our employees, partners, customers and the community, following the pillars of the sustainability tripod: Social; Environmental and Economic.


Some of the main actions we take to encourage the ideals of sustainability include:

• Awareness to avoid wasting energy and water;

• Awareness about selective waste collection;

• Promote and apply Sustainability concepts;

• Promote the well-being of our employees;

• Promote and participate in social actions;

• Promote less greenhouse gas emissions, with fewer cars in circulation due to the hybrid Home Office system; • Less use of air conditioning;

• Less use of the printer and encouragement of scanning, reducing the number of printed documents;

• Reduce the use of paper, disposable cups and other polluting materials;

• Respect occupational health and safety standards, in order to avoid accidents and occupational illnesses.


Head5 is aware of its role in contributing to the preservation of the environment and we are committed to promoting and putting into practice our actions, aiming at our commitment to environmental management and the sustainable development of the country.