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Within our Mining services, HEAD5 stands out for offering a wide range of engineering and hydrology solutions, as well as structural calculation and design. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of the mining sector, ensuring efficiency and safety at all stages of geotechnical projects. Below, we highlight some of our main areas of activity:


Engineering services:

Decharacterization and Decommissioning of Geotechnical Structures
Projects for Arrangement and Closure of Geotechnical Structures
Reinforcement and Stabilization Projects for Geotechnical Structures
Projects in BIM Modeling: We use BIM modeling to better plan and manage complex projects.
Periodic Dam Safety Review (RPSB)
Dam Safety Plan (PSB)
Downstream Containment Structures Project (ECJ
Project of Surplus Material Disposal Areas (ADME) and Sterile and Waste Disposal Piles
Containment and Stabilization of Slopes in Soil and Rock
Sediment Containment Systems
Geological-Geotechnical and Structural Mapping of Geotechnical Works and Cavations
Instrumentation data analysis
Technical Monitoring of the Work (ATO)
Engineering of Records (EOR)
Conformity and Operationality Assessment (ACO-PAEBM and DCO)
Design Review
Preparation and Evaluation of a Mining Dam Emergency Action Plan (PAEBM)


Hydrology and Hydraulics:

Drainage device projects for Rainwater Conduction
Design of Extravasation Structures
Preparation of Hypothetical Dam Break Studies
Transformation of rain into flow
Flow and flood studies
Regular Annual Dam Safety Audit (ANM)
Analysis of precipitation, infiltration and evaporation
System for Measuring Percolation Flow in Massifs.


Structural Calculation and Dimensioning

Elaboration of Detailed Formwork and Reinforcement Projects for Concrete Structures
Industrial Works/Warehouses/Metallic Structures
Mass Concrete Dams: CCV and CCR
Foundation and Containment Solutions.


Our comprehensive and specialized services are designed to meet the complex needs of the mining industry, ensuring safety, efficiency and sustainability across all its projects. Contact us to find out how we can contribute to the success of your geotechnical projects.