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Our services include:

Geological and Geotechnical Investigations: We carry out comprehensive studies to understand the characteristics of the soil and local geology, ensuring that your infrastructure is built on solid foundations.
Topographical Surveys: We collect accurate terrain data to guide the ideal design and positioning of your facilities.
Cadastral Bathymetric Surveys: If your project involves water, our detailed bathymetric surveys ensure the integrity of your underwater structures.
Cost Estimation and Budgets: We provide accurate cost estimates and detailed budgets to help you financially plan your renewable energy project.
Due Diligence: We carry out a rigorous and detailed analysis to assess the risks and opportunities of your project, allowing for informed decisions.
Feasibility Studies: We evaluate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of your renewable energy project.
Conceptual and Basic Design: We create innovative concepts and initial designs to direct the development of your project.
Executive Design: We prepare detailed designs and execution plans to ensure the accurate implementation of your project.
Deployment Management: We oversee every step of construction and implementation to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.
Owner Engineering: We act as specialized partners, representing your interests during project development and execution.
Construction Supervision: We closely monitor the quality and progress of construction to ensure compliance with required standards.
Operation and Maintenance (O&M): Ongoing maintenance planning to ensure the efficient performance and long life of your renewable energy facilities.
Integration with the Electrical Grid: We develop grid connection systems to allow the export of surplus energy to the electrical grid.
Modernization and Repowering: We upgrade your existing facilities to improve efficiency and increase generating capacity.
Decommissioning: We plan the safe and responsible decommissioning of your facility at the end of its useful life.